Quinn Gust
Strange, rage-aholic, and random. These three words are what most of this young man’s peers would describe him as. Raised in the town of San Pedro, Quinn Gust is a senior here at San Pedro High School. He has been given various participation awards as well as an impressive amount of Honor Roll awards-four to be precise, one for each year in high school. During Quinn’s spare time, he enjoys collecting King Crown bottle caps and gaming. His favorite genre is Action, with his usual collection of games to play being Dragon Age, Darksiders, and Destiny. He dislikes those that are annoying and likes all animals except for primates. Quinn wants to go to Harbor College and major in film production. His current experience in film are a few classes on film and History of Film. His future occupation is being a film studio owner.

Quinn’s pet peeves are those who are obnoxious and distract him from doing work inside and outside of school because if he wants to keep his 4x Honor Roll student streak alive, he needs to be on top of his work. His favorite type of humor is good ol’ slapstick. His favorite movie franchise is the Godzilla franchise, with his favorite movies being “Godzilla: Final War” and “Godzilla 2000”.

Quinn Gust, Staff Writer

Nov 30, 2017
Kids on the Block (Story)
The Student News Site of San Pedro High School