Joseph Plazola
Joseph Plazola is a 17 year old student in 11th grade attending San Pedro high school his favorite subjects are English and math. His favorite color is blue. He likes watching Breaking Bad. He ejoys eating pizza. Joseph's favorite sport is boxing because it helps him  release stress. His favorite brand is Nike. He loves Thanksgiving because it makes him feel good. Joseph has two brothers one 14 and the other 22. Joseph’s goals are to finish high school and get a job. Joseph would love to travel to New York one day. He hates negativity and he thinks anyone can do what they want if they put in the time and hard work. In his spare time, he likes to workout at the YMCA with his best friend Joseph works out almost everyday. The thing that motivates him is seeing his family proud of him. In 10 years, Joseph sees himself owning a business making millions a year.

Joseph Plazola, Staff Writer

Nov 30, 2017
Random Searches Stir Up Mixed Feelings (Story)
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