Joseph Arellano
Joseph Arellano moved to San Pedro from Inglewood a couple of years ago.  He was nervous to move and go to a different school.  Joseph has two dogs, they are both Chihuahuas, three brothers and one sister.  His favorite subjects in school are drawing and wood shop. Joseph enjoys video games particularly Mortal Combat, and Assassin’s Creed.  He hopes to be a video game designer one day.

Joseph is seventeen and is a senior this year.  His favorite movies are Ghost Rider and Star Wars.  Joseph really enjoys going to Barnes and Noble to pick out books and read. His favorite books are Young World and War Horse. Musically, he loves Linkin Park and listens to them on his Samsung Galaxy 13.

Joseph has also traveled a bit in the United States.  He has been to Texas, Nevada, and Arizona. He has family in Texas.  He enjoys spending time at Cabrillo Beach, drinking Dr. Pepper and playing with fidget spinners.

Joseph, Staff Writer

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