Jammie Sanchez
Jaimmie Sanchez is a 11th grade student who attends San Pedro High School. Her hobbies include drawing portraits in her sketch book and reading books such as Stephen King novels. She has two older brothers that are both tattoo artists and a dog named after the main character of Back to the Future trilogy movies, Marty. Her favorite color is black and she enjoys the dark night with the full moon. She hates bugs, especially spiders since she has arachnophobia. She enjoys watching scary movies especially the classics like The Exorcist, Halloween, nightmare on elm street, and many more. Her favorite stores to shop at are Hot Topic and Ahhs. She enjoys rock music from The Beatles, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Nirvana, and many more.

Jaimmie attends her local church and goes to a group where children learn how to keep their faith while having fun with others.She has her best friend by her side and they both help each other out with their problems. She wants to go to college and major in art. She likes watching anime and enjoys watching The Simpsons. She also loves watching comic book movies, especially Marvel movies even though her favorite superhero is Batman from DC. She enjoys her life and has a great time living in San Pedro.

Jammie Sanchez, Staff Writer

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