Jaime Marquez
Jaime Marquez is a 12th grader who goes to San Pedro High School which it’s his last year being there. He has gotten Perfect Attendance every single year from elementary to until now. He also holds the Middle School diploma from Dana Middle School which was a long time ago from now. Jaime enjoys listening to music and likes to play video games only if he has free time or nothing else to do in the meantime. Jaime’s favorite music genre is hip hop/rap which he really enjoys listening to artists like Kanye West, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and much more. He is inspired Kanye West because of the goals he made and the effort he puts in his artistic music into Jaime’s head telling him the meaning of music. He wants to pursue being a automotive mechanic because the passion he has for cars just fascinates him throughout his whole life. The reason he’s passionate for cars because back then his dad told him about these fantastic cars from all over the world which later on was interesting . His dream car would be a Nissan GTR a.k.a. Godzilla because in his words,“ runs like a beast in the mind of the car.” Even though there are many cars to choose from, during 2010 got his attention at that car because it is not very high end compared to other sport or luxury cars out there. He wants to proceed a successful life because he has worked his hardest to get this far and if he lets himself down now he feels he would never be the same afterwards.

Jaime Marquez, Staff Writer

Jan 10, 2018
Justice League (Story)
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