Haley Bryant
Haley is a junior at San Pedro High School. Her plans after high school are to go to beauty school to learn about hair and make -up and hopefully get a job from it. She enjoys hiking on the weekends and likes to find new and different types of music. One thing many people don't know about her is that she likes to sing.  Her biggest struggle is that she has a lot responsibilities. Her most embarrassing moment during school was when she had to dance to an audience. Her favorite game to play was hide and seek. Her favorite film is the “The Notebook” because it's about romance. She wants to get a tattoo of a bird because to remind her of her step dad.Haley lives in a household of three brothers and three sisters. Her dream car is a 1965 Mustang because she likes old school stuff. No one expected her to change her hair color black.

Haley Bryant, Staff Writer

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