Christopher Salguero
Christopher Salguero is 18 years old, was born in Los Angeles California and is bilingual. He lives at home with his mom and dad. He is a senior at San Pedro High School. Before High school he was home schooled for all 3 years of middle school. Being homeschooled only made me focus on money more. He likes to laugh and have fun but Chris has good grades so as long as he keeps it up he shouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Chris has 3 brothers, and he likes spending a lot of time with them. On his free time he likes to draw, hang out with friends, and skateboard. He also likes to watch movies, go out to eat with friends and family, and go dirt bike riding. After high school he plans on attending UTI for diesel trucks. After graduating from UTI he will apply for a job down at the docks at the port of Los Angeles. He hopes he’s successful and is able to able to provide for all his family.

Christopher Salguero, Staff Writer

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