Astrid Valadez
Astrid Valadez is currently an 11th grader attending San Pedro High School. She really enjoys writing, singing, and drawing. Growing up, she always felt a true passion for entertaining and inspiring others. Something that has always come to her mind and she wants to share with others is self growth. A partial reasoning for that is because of her inspirations, Tim Burton and Sia. They've both have had a strong and true effect on her because regardless of what people think of their work, they do it for themselves and those who follow. Both talented people have shown their growth as it exceeds till this day inspiring millions including herself.

Eventually, Astrid would love to attend an art school such as “The Art Institute” located in Hollywood, CA. Her true goal is to live life happy without any stress of money complications. But for the time being, Astrid continues to be the most dedicated she can possibly be in cheer (12 years non-stop), SPHS’s talented glee club, and now going into journalism. Regardless of where life takes her she believes “wherever I get led to, I’m going to make the best of it.” In conclusion, that is exactly what she will do.

Astrid Valadez, Staff Writer

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