The Fore N’ Aft is Back!

San Pedro High School's School Newspaper Goes Digital

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The Fore N’ Aft is Back!

Mr. David Crowley, Faculty Advisor/Journalism Teacher

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The Fore N Aft has been a traditional fixture at SPHS for over 100 years with few exceptions. Recently, San Pedro High School has been without a school newspaper since the retirement of former journalism teacher Steve Sato a few years ago.  Well, The Fore N Aft is back and it’s online at

Mr. Crowley’s journalism class has spent the last few months working on the project.  Led by Crowley and Co-Editors-in-Chief Ariana Hernandez and Dylan Almodiel, the class has been sorting out ways to bring a school newspaper to the entire school and community.  In the old days, if you didn’t get one of the limited numbers of copies of the Fore N Aft, you were simply out of luck.  Now it’s available on your phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Other advantageous features include:

  • A scrolling sports ticker with the latest sports scores
  • The new Fore N Aft can include sports video, movie trailers, music videos, viral videos and so much more.
  • Social media links
  • Full-color photography
  • Online opinion polls
  • Readers can instantly comment on stories

We are still working on improving our new student news site.  Our graphic design and arts classes are working on some aesthetic changes and logos, flyers and logos – thank you Ms. Newton and Mr. Hughes.  We are still learning the technology and possibilities available to the Fore N Aft ourselves.   We hope to constantly improve and ask for your patience, thank you for your support, and hope you enjoy the very first issue of the all new Fore N Aft.  Bookmark and always have the latest Pirate news and entertainment at your fingertips