Coo Coo for Coco

Disney/Pixar's First Hispanic Culture Film

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Coo Coo for Coco

Jennifer Franco, Staff Writer

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Coco is the first Hispanic culture movie Pixar has created and I have to say it was definitely worth the wait.

Coco is about this young boy named Miguel and despite his family’s generations-old ban on music, he dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. After meeting a charming trickster named Héctor, the two new friends embark on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

This movie took 6 years in the making. The team has been working on it since September, 2011. In comparison, the same team worked for four years on Toy Story 3. That’s how much time and thought took into creating this film. Even during the first year of production, the team deeply researched Mexican culture and Día de los Muertos.

Coco was developed and changed as they learned more about the culture. The producers also studied the art of several Mexican muralists, especially Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, Rufino Tamayo, and David Alfaro Siquerios. Pixar’s artists did not try to imitate them, but were inspired by their style for certain elements in the movie. The results are so incredible.

The movie is so filled with life and color. For producer Darla K. Anderson and director Lee Unkrich, it was extremely important to make a movie that would make Mexicans proud.They both wanted to make a movie that would make Mexicans feel represented when they watched it. But they also wanted to show a part of Mexico that is not normally seen in mainstream media.

The directors visited Mexico on several occasions and saw a “vibrant country filled with culture and warm people.” And they hope that the movie will share this Mexico that is rarely featured in the news. The creators really wanted to create Coco to be universal so that anyone could relate to it and they most definitely achieved this. The movie is wonderful and if you haven’t seen it yet,  you definitely should.