Going Mobile

The History of Mobile Gaming

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February 7, 2018

Mobile gaming has had a very compact, yet greatly eventful history. The first mobile game to come out was Tetris on a Hagenuk MT-2000 in 1994. The mobile version rights were owned by Jamdat, a company co founded by Austin Murray, Scott Lahman (a personal friend of our own Mr. Crowley), and Zachary Norman.

Then in 1997, three years later, on the Nokia 6110 model phone, Snake was introduced as a pre-installed game. Nokia also had Snake 2 which allowed two players to play together by using the phone’s infrared port. During the early 2000s in Japan, many mobile puzzles and pet games were popular on phones.

Mobile games soon became very popular in the U.S. in 2008 when Apple launched the Apple Play Store allowing many third party companies to make mobile games also called apps, or applications, for smartphones allowing more options of entertainment. Games such as Angry Birds, Rolando, Doodle Jump, and Flight Control became popular among iOS users after iPhones App Store was created.

Before the Apple App Store came out, consumers could download games from the internet or operator store. However, once Apple published the App Store they made a policy that didn’t allow apps being installed from any of those sources, so you could only get apps from their store.

Later on Google would work with Android and they created the Google Play Store. Soon we would have the Google Play and Apple Play competing against one another. And now we have games ranging from arcade to strategy such as chess or more complex ones like Clash Royale, Madden Mobile, or even just board games for your own enjoyment.

Mobile games have only been around for about 23 years, yet they have been evolving quickly throughout just a few generations. Mobile gaming has a short but rich history.