Ball in the Family

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Marc Salceda

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The Kardashian's of Basketball

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Ball in the Family

The Ball family is one of the most famous sports families ever. They have their own TV show like the Kardashian’s called “Ball in the Family,” a title that is a play on the name of the legendary 70’s TV sitcom “All in the Family.”  The 10-episode trek, airing on Facebook Watch, chronicles the life of basketball’s newest first family. The show also can be found on the Complex channel on YouTube.

The star of the show is LaVar Ball, the husband to Tina and father to Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball. LaVar has his own company called BBB, that stands for Big Ballers Brand.  He played college ball but didn’t make the NBA and yet he’s a millionaire because of his oversized ego and personality coupled with the basketball talents of his offspring. And his wife Tina Ball is just an ordinary wife and they are one of the richest families out there.

The oldest son Lonzo Ball played high school basketball at Chino Hills and he got a full ride playing college ball for UCLA.  Lonzo has his own shoe already called the ZOZ, he’s the only person to have his own shoe before his NBA draft. He got drafted by the Lakers 1 round 2 pick.  He is expected to be a key player in the Laker comeback.

The middle brother LiAngelo Ball played high school at Chino Hills and just currently recently left UCLA without playing a game.  He recently got caught stealing with his former teammates in China from Louie Vuitton and Gucci stores. The incident caused a lot of drama between President Trump and LaVar Ball over his release from Chinese custody.  LaVar is now prepping LiAngelo for the NBA draft and may even have him play overseas before that.

youngest brother LaMelo Ball is still in high school his a junior he’s dad pulled him to home school so he can get train for his full 11th grade year and will come back in his 12th grade year to play his senior year and plans on going to UCLA and the NBA like his brother. He’s the youngest person to have his own shoe and it comes out this year on December 10th price we’ll be $395.

The show is a typical reality TV drama, but has potential, especially if LaVar & Co. actually offers more than just big talk.