The Super Fun AP Class

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The Super Fun AP Class

When people think of the title “Computer Science”, many think of it as a difficult, rocket-sciencesque class. However, many of the students in the class think otherwise.

At San Pedro High, we offer a variety of AP classes. Ranging from AP English to AP Environmental Science, the choices are plentiful. One of these classes is AP Computer Science. This subject is taught by Ms. Felix in Room 116. The class is an overview of Computer Science so they learn about the internet, algorithms, coding, and programming. All of this seems fun and exciting, and her students think so as well.

“This class is a lot of work” says Jairon Navarijo, “But it’s actually easy and not difficult to understand.” another student, Francisco Ojeda, enjoys the coding in the class: “I like the class because we learn about coding.” Unlike the rest of the students, Brandon Moreno seeks to further his future career in Computer Science: “I’m planning to either do electrical engineering or mechanical engineering when I grow older and go into some programming. I feel like this class helps me gain the skills needed for my future career.”

As fun as this class sounds, many do not see the benefits of taking the class which worries Ms. Felix, she states “Many students were born into technology so they are constantly exposed to this so in order to not struggle in the real world, the common knowledge of computers will make life easier. As the generation which was born into it, you’re expected to know all of these things.”

While this is an issue for many classes, there is one in particular which raises eyebrows with her situation: diversity.

Within both Ms. Felix’s 4th and 5th period classes, there are approximately 40 students. While it doesn’t sound like a bad number at face value, the majority of her classes are either Caucasian or Asian when more than half of the population in San Pedro High is Hispanic (69%), with Caucasian (18%), Black (7%), and Asian (2%) being the smaller percentages population at the school. “Even though my classes are small,” Ms Felix explains, “ while very little, I have African American students, Latino students, but Caucasian is the more dominant ethnicity within my classes.”

That’s not the only thing. Within her 40 students, only 5 of them are female. That’s 10% of her students. What Ms. Felix thinks is the cause for her lack of students: “I think people don’t enroll into my class because they see “AP” and think “Oh it’s going to be difficult. Also, many see that it’s a computer class and think A). ‘I’m not interested,’ but I don’t think it’s that they’re not interested, it’s just that they don’t know what computer science is really about. They have this idea that it’s difficult when in reality, that’s just not the case. While I do have a few students failing my class, it’s because they choose to not do any work and so they’re ultimately setting themselves up for failure.

If you want a fun and interesting AP class, try AP Computer Science.