KSI V.S. Logan Paul

Another YouTube fight goes down!

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While the Fore N Aft doesn’t condone violence, there are a lot of people who would like to see YouTuber Logan Paul get his butt kicked. Well now it look like it just might happen. British YouTuber Olajide Olatunji, better known on the internet as KSI, who has a fan base of 18 million subscribers was the one who started calling out other big YouTubers to box for content. At first he challenged another YouTuber named Joe Weller, pretty much destroying him in the ring.

After the match was over he knew had to call another YouTuber out because he wanted more content. So he called out the Paul brothers, Logan Paul and Jake Paul. These YouTubers are really big in the U.S. At first he was going to fight Jake Paul. KSI’s younger brother then called Jake words. Jake took this and called him out in a boxing match and threw out there that Logan should fight KSI because they are both the older brothers.

The fight was being organized by both of their managers. It took a while because KSI wanted a bigger cut of the money because he felt his fan base was bigger but they are both around the same. About two weeks later they came to an agreement that both get 50%. Their fight will be around August so they both have time to train. It will take place in the U.K. This fight will be really challenging because they both don’t like losing. Apparently, other YouTubers are joining this internet fight club and will be the warm-up fight before the main event.