Top 5 Smartphones of 2018

Joel Limon, Staff Writer

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The following are the Top 5 Smartphones of 2018 according to, one of the top consumer review sites on the internet.

(This list may include some products from late 2017, because 2018 just started as of 1-28-18.)

#5 Google Pixel 2


The google pixel is one of the best android phones, mostly because of the great camera and low light camera shooting. It’s water resistant and google lens help you explore your surroundings. However the google pixel is only number 5 because, of it’s outdated design, bad battery life compared to Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus, and it doesn’t have a headphone jack to top it off.

#4 OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T takes good pictures in low light images, and it’s software tweaks are useful in other ways. It’s battery is one of the best for androids, rivaling some of the best flagships. However this phone is only number four because, there is no expandable storage and no water resistance.

#3 LG V30

The LG V30 has a great camera, huge OLED screen, good battery life, waterproofing, wireless charging, micro SD card storage, and a headphone jack. All these are good, however the V30 is very awkward to hold, in some other angles. Lastly, the carrier specific versions come with excessive bloatware and logos which is bad. The carriers are for example, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.

#2 iPhone X

The iPhone X is the 2nd best phone of 2018 with a gorgeous OLED screen, front camera snaps impressive portrait selfies, and face I.D is very advanced. The iPhone X is overall the culmination of iPhones that will jump you to the face recognizing future. However this sadly couldn’t be number one, because of the new major adjustments, such as the control center, and how this phone is very expensive. Another thing is how the battery life is worse than the plus model sized phones. This made it short for number one.

#1 Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The number one best smartphone would have to be the Note 8. It has the highest grossing stats, and having almost perfect stars. It tops Samsung’s already good S8 and S8 plus phones, with a better built quality and it’s the most feature rich android phone you can buy. Plus the battery life and the processor’s outdo most other android devices which makes it the best. Overall the Galaxy Note 8 retakes the throne of being the best android phone topping the already good other phones.


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