BONES Targets Columbine on Latest Mixtape “TeenWitch”

Chris Gamino, Staff Writer

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The mixtape “TeenWitch” created by BONES (Elmo Kennedy O’Connor) is a concept album about the Columbine High School shooting that occurred April 20th, 1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both murdered 12 students, one teacher, and injured numerous others before their final act of committing suicide after a shootout with the police. BONES tries to explore the mind of the two shooters, the students, the families, and the general public during and after the massacre.

On the track, “BackToSchool” , he tries to speak from the perspective of the shooters, but also the victims and their parents. Eric Harris is said to be portrayed as a lyric in the song says, “My heart hurts, my back aches, I’m calling out for you,” Dylan seemed to care more about Eric and he was always there for him. In the song, “FearTheNobodies,” BONES is getting deeper into the story and more into the deranged mind that is Dylan Klebold. Dylan was plotting to carry out his attack on the school with Eric as he had the biggest say in their plans. He also named the song after Marilyn Manson made a song titled, “The Nobodies,” which was also about the Columbine massacre.

The last song on the tape is, “HappinessIsOnlyRealWhenShared,” it’s an instrumental of guitar strings. There are no words, but you can feel something more than just a song. I personally believe it was a song that portrayed Eric’s and Dylan’s friendship. They both only felt happiness when they were together, they felt comfortable around each other. I highly recommend that everyone gives the mixtape a listen. It had great meaning behind it.