Rising Flames in Southern California

Astrid Valadez, Staff Writer

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As many people of California or even the world may know, Southern California is going through an outbreak of several flame rising wildfires. Starting on December 4th, flames sparked north of Santa Paula near Steckel Park. As the fire continued to grow, it burned over 231,700 acres. It began to be known as a firestorm for being so powerful that it was able to change up the weather.

At this occurring time, the Thomas Fire has been indicated as the 5th largest wildfire in California history. This disaster has caused over 94,607 residents to evacuate as well as 794 destroyed homes, 187 damaged, with over a cost of  $38 million. As of December 11th, the firestorm still continues; over 8,700 firefighters were assigned to fight all 6 major wildfires, including the Thomas Fire. Roughly 1,856 were both female and male inmates who volunteered to go at war with the flames, yet getting paid as low as only $2 per day (24 hour shifts). Although there is a lot effort put in for the end of these fires, the wildfires are not in such a fitting situation for proper containment. With all love, support, and hope, I wish for the people of California to remain safe and retrieve back to the life and their homes with their families just as before this disastrous spread.