The Best Parts of Super Bowl 52

Back-Ups Underdogs, and Trick Plays Win the Day!

Marc Salceda, Sports Editor

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The Eagles are NFL champions for the first time in the Super Bowl era. The underdogs had their day! It was a battle of American symbolism, Patriots vs. Eagles. And it never would have happened without the head coach whom USA Today ranked seventh of seven new NFL coaching hires in January 2016.

Doug Pederson is a coach of the people. No idea is too weird. No time to run a play is ever inopportune. I don’t mean to say this should be his legacy, but it might turn out to be. He is a Super Bowl champion in his second year as an NFL head coach, in part, because of one of the strangest play calls in Super Bowl history, called on fourth down late in the first half in a three-point game, the biggest game of his life.

The Patriots are flying home losers today despite putting up a Super Bowl-record 613 yards and despite Tom Brady playing one of the games of his life. They are flying home losers because a head coach who was a backup NFL quarterback (Pederson) and an offensive coordinator who was a backup NFL quarterback (Reich) and a quarterback who was a backup NFL quarterback (Foles) beat Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. They knew the only chance to beat the Patriots was to call a top-secret play when it wouldn’t have mattered if the Patriots had 15 players on defense.