Valentine’s Day Gifts

Don't know what to give to that special someone? We have some ideas for you...

Quinn D. Gust, Staff writer

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Valentine’s Day is drawing near and you know what that means, Valentine’s Day gifts for family or that special someone. You can come up with some very romantic ideas, but there’s only one problem, most of them don’t cut out budget. So let’s find some cheap and affordable gifts you can make right at home.

One of the most well known Valentine gifts is a box of chocolates, but of course the stores are all out of them, and all they have are normal candy bars. Don’t fret about it though, we have a solution for you! You can solve this in two different ways: the first involves buying chocolates of your choice. The other includes making homemade chocolate, but make sure you also buy a Valentine’s Day themed molds (note that rubber molds are easier to use than plastic ones). Once you bought your chocolate and mold of your choice, microwave the chocolate. After it has reached a thick liquid consistency, pour it into the mold (you may want to use a spoon, melting bottle or disposable decorating bag when filling up your molds for ease). Once you have done that, place the mold in the freezer until the chocolate is solid. Gently remove the now harden chocolate. You now have Valentine’s day theme chocolates to give to who ever!

You can also create a Valentine’s day card. For this traditional gift, all you need is two different colors of construction paper, a pen/marker, glue, and scissors. First, cut out a heart from one of the papers by folding it in half, drawing half of a heart on one side of the paper, and cutting it out. Open it up and you should have a full heart. Proceed by cutting out a slightly smaller heart from the second paper. Then, glue the smaller heart onto the larger one, right in the center. Finally, write a nice message for that special someone on your handmade card (something like: You make my heart skip a beat).

These are some of the few affordable gifts you can make to hand out on Valentine’s Day. Just remember, even if you don’t get a Valentines, that doesn’t mean no one loves you. Your family cares about you and so do your friends. So if you are down in the dumps, just remember someone out there loves and cares about you. After all, giving to your loved ones feels very nice, even better than receiving a gift!