February Horoscopes

Noe Arreola Pintor, Fun Stuff Editor

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February 2018


New romantic heights are possible for you this month. If there’s any doubt in your heart about the soul mate potential with someone you’re currently dating, those uncertainties will disappear after February 10. Not only will you find yourself getting lost in love, but you’ll also begin to understand that the only barrier to this great love affair has been you and your own personal blind spot in matters of the heart. This is great news, Aries, because you’ll finally be able to see that all your dreams concerning your love life are within reach as long as you give yourself permission to FALL in love rather than trying to ACHIEVE love. By February 21, as Venus embraces Neptune, your heart is sure to collide with your sweetheart’s in the most enchanting way possible. Richly satisfying, soul-nurturing love has been there all along. Now, you’ll know this is true.

In other news — if you can even focus on anything else but love — there is a dynamic Solar Eclipse on February 15 that will land in your 11th House of Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams. This eclipse will make a perfect link to Uranus, now in your sign, helping to jumpstart at least one of your most radical aspirations. Although you might feel as if you’re pushing against the current near February 17 as you try to create traction and form for your dreams, don’t give up. A temporary setback will only help you forge ahead with greater precision by the end of the month. Whatever it is that you want to initiate that seems truly “out there” is exactly what you’re meant to go after now. Chase the extraordinary, Aries, because you’ll catch nothing less than success if you do!



Your social life will become a source of great pleasure this month thanks to your ruler, Venus, moving into your 11th House of Friendships after February 10. You can look forward to mystical connections and sentimental moments with your pals until March 6. If you’ve been thinking about joining a group that meets up about spiritual matters, art, film, photography, or even a new book club, this will be a perfect time to do so. You want to get lost in fantasy with your social group now, so anything that supports this desire will be most fulfilling. Another possibility is that one of your friends will become instrumental in helping to manifest one of your personal aspirations. There’s a level of unconditional love and support available to you this month through your friends that is sweet and rare. You’ll feel so blessed to have it.

If you’re single, this might be a month when one of your friends introduces you to your next soul mate. Don’t be surprised if the romance escalates quickly since you’re likely to feel a deep spiritual connection with anyone you meet in February. If you’re already in a relationship, you might introduce your partner to your group of friends for the first time this month. Alternately, you and your sweetheart might realize that you have fallen in love — the “dream come true” energy all over your chart has everything to do with that delicious fact. February 21 will be a most memorable day in matters of the heart since Venus and Neptune will engage in a sweet embrace at this time. Savor it!

In other news, the innovator in you is making serious strides professionally. A dazzling Solar Eclipse at the top of your chart on February 15 might usher in a new opportunity for you to display your most unique talents and be recognized as an expert in your industry because of them. Look out world, here you come!



professionally speaking. Venus will move to the top of your chart on February 10 and remains in gentle Pisces until March 6. Pisces is the sign of creativity, spirituality, and fantasy. As a result, your talents (Venus) in these areas will now be visible for the entire world to see — and this includes your boss or another VIP! Your greatest success comes from your ability to use your imaginative talents, so this won’t be the time to hold back from doing so. In fact, you might even receive some type of award or honor because of them. Don’t be surprised if you have an offer this month to make a television or online program appearance. This will also be a great month to schedule a photo shoot if you’re planning on updating your website or if you have any other needs for professional photos.

Along these lines, you might feel a stronger urge to create a peaceful and less competitive professional environment. If you own your own company, this will be easy to do since you call the shots. Consider scheduling a business retreat for your employees.

Your best and brightest ideas, however, will come out of the eclipse energy on February 15. This Solar Eclipse lands in your 9th House of Mental Expansion and will surely help to broaden your horizons in some way. You might decide it’s time to go back to school to earn that advanced degree or certification. This will also be a perfect time to begin a new spiritual course of study that intrigues you. Whatever you study now will most likely be visionary or even “out there” according to more traditional perspectives, and that’s exactly why you’ll soak up every drop of the wisdom this body of knowledge has to offer.



February will become a month of new perspectives for you in several ways. For starters, you’ll begin to notice a greater love for exploring new territory, particularly of the spiritual and intellectual variety. Venus will move into your 9th House of Broad Experiences on February 10 and remains in this part of your chart until March 6. You might even fall in love with a new topic you begin to study during this time, so be sure to honor any desire you have to quench your thirst for wisdom.

Another possibility is that you’ll begin crushing on one of your teachers. If you’re enrolled in a university or certification course, don’t be surprised if you suddenly begin to feel insane chemistry with a professor or mentor. It will most likely be mutual and that will make this trend even more enticing. Will you explore it? That’s up to you, of course. But if you do, it just might turn into quite the storybook romance.

Another possibility is that you’re planning to travel abroad this month. Whether for business or pleasure, your trip is likely to be quite a positive experience for you, and you’ll love the destination you’re traveling to. You might even enjoy an encounter with an exotic lover who is from the country you’re visiting!

The main event for you this month, however, has more to do with a new financial opportunity that emerges after February 15 thanks to a Solar Eclipse that falls in your 8th house. An alternative currency investment such as Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency might begin to interest you greatly at this time. If so, you may benefit from such an investment. Alternately, you might make a move in the stock market and put some money into tech companies or other companies using the latest technology either in aeronautics or electronics. There is a significant indication that you’ll be making a visionary and somewhat unconventional decision about your finances. Don’t worry, it looks quite promising.



February opens up with you still very much intoxicated from the Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 31. This eclipse likely resulted in a significant personal illumination, either about your health, your personal habits, or your overall life trajectory and relationships. In fact, this eclipse might have rolled all these themes into one for you, depending on your particular birth chart. Nevertheless, what this eclipse promised every Leo was to heighten emotions enough to make you realize how you truly feel about a certain situation or relationship. As a result, it’ll be crunch time at some point in February. You’ll be ready to embrace a turning point in your life as a result of this newfound awareness.

As you move forward with these personal shifts, your finances will also experience a slight overhaul in February. Fortunately, it appears to be a positive one. From February 10 through March 6, Venus will tour your 8th House of Investments and Shared Resources. This might bring news to you about a lump sum payment you’re due to receive such as a tax refund, bonus, commission check, or generous royalty payment. This might even be about an inheritance, settlement money owed to you, or news that you’ll benefit from another person’s resources in some way. While this might not be a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mama” scenario, there are indications that if you’re in a relationship, your partner’s money will somehow bless you. Sweet! Bu this comes with one caveat. Avoid taking any financial risks on February 17 — it’ll only lead to regret.

Speaking of relationships, a gorgeous Solar Eclipse on February 15 will land in your partnership sector, helping you to begin the process of writing that next chapter in your love life. If you’re already partnered up, this might be when you and your mate decide to take an unexpected but exciting detour in your life path together in order to explore a brand-new horizon. This will prove to be stimulating for each of you individually as well as together. If you’re dating someone, this eclipse might set things into motion to help you and your lover become more committed, possibly leading to an engagement or marriage. You’re ready.



More romance is on the agenda for you and your sweetheart and you’ll begin to feel it as early as February 10. Venus, the planet of harmony and love, will move into your partnership sector at this time, remaining in this area of your chart until March 6. Nurturing a closer bond with your sweetheart will be easier than ever during this time, so if your relationship needs a little TLC, know that the universe is about to support you big time! Pay close attention to the enchanting vibes on February 21 when Venus and Neptune embrace in the most hypnotic way possible. You and your lover might literally feel as if you’re both on cloud nine under this vibration!

Although you and your partner will be extra loving to each other, it’s possible that an abrasive situation at home will threaten to rattle your relationship on February 17 and again on February 25. Don’t let this happen. Your best course of action is to find an escape route with your lover and avoid whatever domestic drama might be in the air. Yes, even if your relatives don’t approve.

If you are dating someone as February opens up, Venus will help transform your love affair into something that has substance. Although neither you nor your sweetheart might feel any sense of urgency to define what you have together, the bond you’re forming appears undeniable and you’ll both know that this is something serious on February 15. Venus will be at a perfect sextile to Saturn on this day, promising everlasting love to those who are ready.

In other news, if you’re looking for new work, there’s a promising opportunity after February 15 thanks to an innovative Solar Eclipse that will land in your 6th house. You might find something by using online job resources or from submitting your resume online. The benefits package connected to your new position will also be attractive.



It seems as though your work life is running as smooth as ever as February opens up. Your relationship with coworkers will be deliciously harmonious from February 10 through March 6, so use this edge to collaborate on any key assignments that will help you shine professionally. Another possibility is that you’ll be ready to redecorate your work space, either at your company or in a home office. You’ll be ready to splurge on a few designer accessories that will make you love sitting at your desk and getting down to business! If you’re single, this might also be a month when a romantic opportunity opens up on the job. For example, you could meet someone who works in the same building as you while you’re both on the elevator, rushing to make it to the office on time. It’s also possible that you’ll begin working even more closely with this person and the obvious chemistry between the two of you becomes completely irresistible. Explore!

This might also be a month where romantic opportunity strikes at the gym or while you’re taking care of a random health matter such as a dental cleaning or eye exam. Someone ultra-sexy might be in the waiting room with you. Before you know it, sparks will be flying!

Love really is all over your chart this month, Libra, and at the Solar Eclipse on February 15 it’s truly “on” in matters of the heart! This eclipse will land right in your 5th House of Pleasure and Romance. If you are single, make sure you get yourself out there from the middle of the month onward in order to take advantage of the remarkably supportive vibes the universe is dishing out to help you meet someone new and fall madly in love.

If you’re in a relationship, then this eclipse might bring a new development for you and your partner concerning any children you have, or it might be the time you and your love decide to begin a family of your own. You may also join forces in an exciting and unusual new creative endeavor together. It’ll reignite sparks between you and will be a very fun time!



What your world needs now is love, sweet love, Scorpio. Fortunately, you’re not only in a position to experience the most heart-opening romance possible, you’re also in a place to reciprocate those deep feelings to someone worthy of your affection. Venus, the planet of harmony, edges into your 5th House of Pleasure and True Love on February 10, remaining here through March 6. This will give you a cushy pillow of support around any existing relationship, helping you and your partner enjoy mutual feelings of unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion.

If you’re single, Venus will open up the door and bring your next soulmate into your life. Just remember to discard any ideas you may have about what he or she is supposed to look like. If you keep holding out for an impossible ideal, then you might miss out on the love of a lifetime. Indeed, you are likely to feel quite enamored with someone by February 21 as Venus embraces Neptune in your true love sector. Lucky you!

In other news, you’re probably also focused on domestic matters and keeping the home fires burning. A gorgeous Solar Eclipse will fall in your 4th House of Home and Family by February 15, igniting the spark needed for you to initiate a home renovation or other type of project with your clan. This might be when you decide it’s time to put together a cushy office space at home for yourself or to set up that home gym. You might also be ready to begin a health care regimen and enlist your entire family in the endeavor. Doing it together will ensure your success.



Peace and harmony will prevail for you when it comes to home and family matters this month … for the most part. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will slide into your 4th house on February 10 and remains in this part of your chart through March 6. You’ll notice that your relationship with relatives becomes easier during this stretch of time, much more natural and flowing. If there has been any strain between you and someone in your clan, this is a time when you’ll notice it almost melts away. Or maybe what’s really happening is you’re no longer sweating the small stuff. Where you put your attention is where life tends to happen. If you have been placing your attention on what is wrong with your family life, then you’ve been attracting more of what’s wrong. With Venus in Pisces, you’ll start to vibrate towards this mystical level of knowing that once you let go of that tendency, a more fulfilling domestic life truly awaits.

This isn’t to suggest, however, that you blatantly ignore and try to escape from any significant domestic matter that might be going on. It’s more about you surrendering control of the outcome and just making peace with the flow of your current family situation. That alone will bring you greater tranquility. On February 17 when Mars in your sign crashes against Neptune in your 4th house, you’ll truly understand how futile it is to fight against a force you cannot control. Let go or be dragged. You make the choice.

In other news, if you’re in the sales or communications industries, there’s a promising project on the horizon after February 15. A dazzling Solar Eclipse in your message sector will help you initiate anything that has to do with speaking, teaching, writing, or sales. This will be an ideal time to make new agreements, sign contracts, and flesh out any of your brilliant plans for the future.


You’ll have a dazzling opportunity in February to show the world exactly what you’re made of when it comes to making the most of your original talents. In fact, reinventing yourself in this arena will likely be a key theme for most of the month.

Venus will be at a perfect angle to Uranus, the planet of surprises, on February 6. Since Venus will still be in your earned income sector and Uranus is in your domestic 4th house, it’s possible that an unexpected opportunity to make money through real estate or with a family member will turn up. One of your relatives might be instrumental in giving you the confidence to market one of your more unusual talents. If so, he or she will plant seeds at this time that you’ll begin to cultivate as the month wears on.

You’ll really begin to see magic on this topic once the Solar Eclipse occurs on February 15. Landing in your 2nd House of Talents and Income, this eclipse will be at a gorgeous angle to its ruler, Uranus, amplifying themes connected to your ability to make money, real estate, or family members. Are you thinking about starting a family business or working from home? Now is the time to initiate. Are you considering selling a valuable family item or collection? Do it now.

In other news, your grace and charm will serve you well in all matters of negotiation after February 10. Your ace in the hole will be your genuine ability to collaborate with others, mediate sticky situations, and tactfully iron out differences between you and anyone else. As an aside, it’s possible that you and your sweetheart will steal away time for a short road trip to a romantic destination together near February 21. It’ll be idyllic and restorative for both of you.



February will be a happy month for you when it comes to finances. As early as February 10 you’ll notice a seismic shift in your ability to attract abundance into your world thanks to Venus moving into your earned income sector. She will remain in the sign of Pisces until March 6, offering you a literal lesson on the law of attraction when it comes to cash flow. As long as you firmly know that there is more where that came from, the universe will provide you with endless opportunities to increase your earnings. Although it might sound corny, try to go with it and see for yourself what magic might occur. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

As the month begins, however, you’ll be more concerned about a recent turning point in a close, personal relationship. A potent Lunar Eclipse fell in your partnership sector on January 31 and this eclipse very likely sealed the deal between you and your love. You might have become engaged or made another type of commitment to one another. If, however, your connection with each other has not been fulfilling your needs, then the two of you might have realized it was time to part ways. If this did occur, you are the type who would have done everything in your power to remain friends. Hopefully you succeeded.

Whatever happened in the relationship department will continue to shift you on a personal level this month. In fact, there are decided indications that after February 15 you’ll initiate a remarkable fresh start in your life. This is due to a Solar Eclipse that will fall in your sign. You’re finally becoming who you truly are meant to be, Aquarius, and you’ve never been freer to do so.



A turning point in work or health was likely at the end of January thanks to a Lunar Eclipse that fell in your 6th house. The good news is that a light was shone on whatever needed attention in these areas of your life; because of that, you’ll spend the time you need to this month addressing them. As long as you took your ego out of any work situation and are willing to collaborate with your colleagues, this might end up being a valuable experience for you. People want to help you more than you realize, Pisces, and the helpers in your life will be illuminated this month. Let them help!

As far as health goes, you might learn that a great deal of any illness you are going through has its roots in your emotional well-being. Paying close attention to your nerves, anxieties, and how you deal with stress will be paramount. On February 15 a Solar Eclipse in your private 12th house will offer pointed solutions on how to let go of any unhealthy emotional attachments that are not serving you. You’ll finally realize that your feelings connected to a toxic relationship are not hurting the person who wronged you; instead, they are damaging you and you alone. Remember, forgiveness is never for the other person, it truly is for you. Recognize how powerful and freeing it will be for you to let go of any unhealthy emotional scars during this month … and then make a decision to finally do it.

In other news, from February 10 through March 6, you’ll enjoy a lovely boost in confidence, grace, and beauty thanks to Venus touring your sign. This will be a perfect time to spruce up your appearance by treating yourself to a makeover, new clothes, or even a cosmetic procedure. Your love life will also be well supported during this time. Pay close attention to the happenings around February 21 when Venus and Neptune embrace in your sign. Romantic magic is possible.

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