2017-2018 Staff

Jenni Franco

Staff Writer

Jenni Franco is currently a senior at San Pedro High School. She was born in Hawthorne, California and raised in San Pedro. Jenny likes to travel and has been places like Chicago, Nevada, Mexico and would like to one day visit...

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Marc Salceda

Staff Writer

Marc is an 11th grader at San Pedro High School.  When he gets older he won't go to college, "I will end up going to a trade school to be a mechanic when I get older," he says. Marc says if he were to go to college he would go...

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Isaac Guiterrez

Staff Writer

Isaac Gutierrez is a senior at San Pedro High School. Born in California but raised in Utah, Isaac has been a resident of San Pedro since 2016. He has a variety of hobbies. They fluctuate from soccer and reading to studying quantum...

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Juanantonio Gutierrez

Staff Writer

Juanantonio Gutierrez is 18 years old and was born in San Pedro California. He is the youngest in his family. He has a older brother and sister whom he sees mostly at night as they are working.  He is a senior at San Pedro High...

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Matthew Tuberosi

Staff Writer

Matthew Tuberosi doesn't have a girlfriend and doesn’t like anime. He has lived in Long Beach, Palos Verdes, and now San Pedro. He has one dog and one fish. Matthew likes geometry and drawing. His favorite sport is football....

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Frank Figueroa

Staff Writer

Frank is a 12th grader at San Pedro High School. After high school, Frank wants to go to a university to become a mechanical engineer. Frank likes to find new music and draw in his free time. Frank deals with depression and lots o...

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Jammie Sanchez

Staff Writer

Jaimmie Sanchez is a 11th grade student who attends San Pedro High School. Her hobbies include drawing portraits in her sketch book and reading books such as Stephen King novels. She has two older brothers that are both tattoo...

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Christopher Salguero

Staff Writer

Christopher Salguero is 18 years old, was born in Los Angeles California and is bilingual. He lives at home with his mom and dad. He is a senior at San Pedro High School. Before High school he was home schooled for all 3 years...

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Nijee Strong

Staff Writer

Nijee is a 9th grader from San Pedro high school. He plans on being in the NFL and put his whole heart into it. Nijee’s  goal is to graduate from SPHS and attend USC before going pro. Football gives Nijee a healthy life balance.What...

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Jaime Marquez

Staff Writer

Jaime Marquez is a 12th grader who goes to San Pedro High School which it’s his last year being there. He has gotten Perfect Attendance every single year from elementary to until now. He also holds the Middle School diploma...

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Haley Bryant

Staff Writer

Haley is a junior at San Pedro High School. Her plans after high school are to go to beauty school to learn about hair and make -up and hopefully get a job from it. She enjoys hiking on the weekends and likes to find new and different...

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Jose Ivan Ponce

Staff Writer

Jose Ivan Ponce is an 17 year old 11th grade student attending San Pedro. His favorite topics in school are math and health . Jose’s favorite color is Burgundy, he likes watching Rick and Morty and listens to hip hop. Jose was...

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Joseph Plazola

Staff Writer

Joseph Plazola is a 17 year old student in 11th grade attending San Pedro high school his favorite subjects are English and math. His favorite color is blue. He likes watching Breaking Bad. He ejoys eating pizza. Joseph's favorite...

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Quinn Gust

Staff Writer

Strange, rage-aholic, and random. These three words are what most of this young man’s peers would describe him as. Raised in the town of San Pedro, Quinn Gust is a senior here at San Pedro High School. He has been given various...

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Noe Mario Arreola Pintor Jr

Staff Writer

Noe Mario Arreola Pintor Jr. is currently a junior at San Pedro High School. He received silver honor roll for his first semester of freshman year. Noe has moved multiple times since he was born in Tacoma, Washington. He was first...

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Rodolfo Santos

Staff Writer

Rodolfo Santos is a senior at San Pedro High School and is 17 years old. He's been to many different schools growing up. In 6th grade, he moved to Utah to start a better life. He moved back 7th grade and went to Miraleste Intermediate...

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Armando Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Armando Rodriguez is a senior at San Pedro High School and he is 18 years old. He likes to go to the gym and powerlift and play video games. Armando has been to Orlando Florida and Arizona. He went to Orlando to see a band called...

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Daniel Rangel

Staff Writer

Daniel Rangel is a 12 grader attending San Pedro High School. He has been a San Pedro resident for basically his whole life. Daniel went to Dana Middle School for all three years and culminated on stage there. He lived in Carson...

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Christian Quintana

Staff Writer

Christian Quintana is a senior at San Pedro High School. He enjoys to travel to different places and explore the world. His favorite place he has traveled to is San Francisco because he got to see the Golden Gate bridge and was...

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Andrea de Avila

Staff Writer

Andrea de Avila is a 17 year old senior at San Pedro High School. She culminated from Bandini Street Elementary School and Richard Henry Dana Middle School, and is working towards graduating from San Pedro High School. She holds...

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Melissa Estrada

Staff Writer

Melissa Estrada is a 17 year old senior at San Pedro High School. Melissa was born in  Long  Beach and moved to San Pedro at the age of 4. She attended Cabrillo Elementary and Richard Henry Dana Middle School. She is the second...

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Savannah Espinoza

Staff Writer

Savannah Espinoza, or as many refer to her by “Sav” (a nickname she received her freshman year), is currently a senior at San Pedro High. She was born in San Pedro, and has lived here ever since. Her current plan is to attend...

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Fernando Valle

Staff Writer

Fernando, who was born and raised in San Pedro, CA plans on one day becoming an actor. Fernando is in the 11th grade and likes to read, play video games, outdoor activities and watching movies. His favorite movie is Swiss Army...

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Christian Custard

Staff Writer

Christian Custard is an 18 year old senior at San Pedro High School. He was born and raised in San Pedro,CA with his 6 siblings, an older sister, 3 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. His family gave him his nickname “Biggie,"...

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Staff Writer

Joseph Arellano moved to San Pedro from Inglewood a couple of years ago.  He was nervous to move and go to a different school.  Joseph has two dogs, they are both Chihuahuas, three brothers and one sister.  His favorite subjects...

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Jesus Gutierrez

Staff Writer

Jesus, a senior, is a member at the Boys & Girls Club where he has received a member of the month award exemplifying his leadership skills. He has received student of the month which bodes well for the future. One of Jesus’s...

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Jose Estrada

Staff Writer

Jose Estrada is currently a junior at San Pedro High School Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Jose moved around a lot as a child, but was raised in San Pedro since the age of five.  Jose like to travel and he has seen places like...

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Astrid Valadez

Staff Writer

Astrid Valadez is currently an 11th grader attending San Pedro High School. She really enjoys writing, singing, and drawing. Growing up, she always felt a true passion for entertaining and inspiring others. Something that has...

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Mr. David Crowley

Faculty Adviser

Mr. Crowley is a 9th and 12th grade English teacher and Journalism/Social Media Teacher at San Pedro High School. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University Fullerton. Mr. Crowley has been a...

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Dylan Almodiel


Dylan Almodiel is a freshman at San Pedro High School. He attended Fleming Middle School and received many awards such as Principal’s Honor Roll for three consecutive years,  CJSF, and journalism awards. Dylan was one of five...

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Ariana Hernandez


Ariana Hernandez is a ninth grader at San Pedro Senior High School. She is part of the new STEAM Magnet program and loves it. Ariana lives in Gardena and went to Alexander Fleming Middle School, named after Nobel award winning...

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